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Top Level Series
Frequency: Monthly
Units: Index
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): Producer Price Index
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Finished goods
Finished consumer goods
Finished consumer foods
Finished consumer goods excluding foods
Nondurable goods less foods
Durable goods
Capital equipment
Manufacturing industries
Nonmanufacturing industries
Intermediate materials supplies and components
Materials and components for manufacturing
Materials for food manufacturing
Materials for nondurable manufacturing
Materials for durable manufacturing
Components for manufacturing
Materials and components for construction
Processed fuels and lubricants
Manufacturing industries
Nonmanufacturing industries
Manufacturing industries
Nonmanufacturing industries
Other supplies
Crude materials for further processing
Foodstuffs and feedstuffs
Nonfood materials except fuel
Crude fuel
Manufacturing industries
Nonmanufacturing industries
Finished goods excluding foods
Intermediate materials less foods and feeds
Intermediate foods and feeds
Crude materials less agricultural products
Finished energy goods
Finished goods less energy
Finished consumer goods less energy
Finished goods less food and energy
Finished consumer goods less food and energy
Consumer nondurable goods less food and energy
Intermediate energy goods
Intermediate materials less energy
Intermediate materials less foods and energy
Crude energy materials
Crude materials less energy
Crude nonfood materials less energy